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Comment on FDI's idea in GE's Ecomagination Challenge

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The voting phase of the GE Ecomagination Challenge completed on Sept. 30th.


Filtration Dynamics Inc. (FDI) entered the General Electric $200 Million Ecomagination Challenge for seed-funding with its unique Resource Recovery Plant Concept and would welcome your comments on our entry. Our revolutionary concept will vastly improve the way wastewater is filtered and simultaneously maximize the extraction of energy from the organics that wastewater contains. This new process will transform obsolete wastewater treatment sites into Resource Recovery Plants, with a carbon negative footprint.

Comment on FDI's Concept

You can leave a comment for GE and the world about FDI's concept at:

       CLICK HERE to comment about FDI in the GE Ecomagination Challenge

The Voting Phase Results

On Sept 30th the public voting phase of the Ecomagination Challenge ended. Filtration Dynamics was ranked 11th overall out of 3,662 ideas and 4th in our category of Create Power out of 1,725 ideas. GE disregarded the vote tallies of the 4 top vote getters for "irregularities" that violated the terms of the contest. That placed Filtration Dynamics up to 7th place in the overall and 3rd in the Create Power category.

Our high rankings and the support that was evidenced in the many comments that were posted placed FDI in the "Top 100" ideas selected in the Ecomagination Challenge for further study. GE will announce five $100K prizes in early November for worthy ideas and then request business plans for further discussion.

THANKS to all who supported us. :-)

The top 100 ideas can be viewed on GE's website at:

       GE Ecomagination Challenge

We will update this webpage with further information as it becomes available. Thank you again for your votes and support.

Los Gatos Weekly & San Jose Mercury New article

Thank you to Judy Peterson of Community Newspapers for this article that was published Sept. 28th, a few days before the end of the voting phase of the Ecomagination Challenge.

       Filtration Dynamics in GE Challenge

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