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An Endless Supply of Renewable Energy

Filtration Dynamics' revolutionary Centrifugal Wastewater Filtration System (CWFS) in series with its breakthrough Anaerobic Digester (AD) will maximize the production of energy from organic solids in wastewater. 

Energy latent organics in Municipal Wastewater in the United States contain the annual energy equivalent of
7.20 billion kWh of electricity.  More than the 2005 production of Hoover Dam and Glen Canyon Dam combined.

Ponder this simple fact: 7.20 billion kWh of electricity that is endlessly available without the construction of a single emissions polluting coal-fired power plant; or addition to the electricity grid infrastructure; at a savings of untold billions of dollars.  Moreover, this 7.20 billion kWh supply of electricity is also equivalent to saving 259 billion gallons
of water, annually, that would otherwise be lost cooling those coal-fired power plants.

Reflecting upon these facts is the realization that capturing this 7.20 billion kWh of electricity is equivalent to removing 5.70 million tons of carbon dioxide from the environment.  Supplying electricity to 717 thousand homes and taking
947 thousand passenger vehicles off the road.  Reducing oil imports by more than 12.0 million barrels and reducing annual foreign payments by $721,500,000 (at $60 per barrel).

Filtration Dynamics, Inc. (FDI) owns the market disruptive technology that will make this happen.  Differentiated
from any previously known Wastewater Treatment infrastructure, FDI’s Centrifugal Wastewater Filtration System and Anaerobic Digester technology comprise a unique transformational Resource Recovery Plant specifically designed to capture this latent energy, and save water, with unmatched efficiency.

PowerPoint Slide Show:      FDI Resource Recovery Plant

FDI, a Water Management Finalist from the California Clean Tech Open, is currently engaged in maximizing this energy positive, water saving, cost effective technology.


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