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Municipal WWT Technology

FDI has created Patents-Pending, with other follow-on patentable processes and technologies, that exploit the fact that centrifugation is the most energy efficient method for generating fluid pressure head. It is the only mechanism wherein Coriolis forces continuously sweep the surface of the filter to produce a higher sustained flux. The CWFS /AD technological concept is differentiated from any previously known Wastewater Treatment infrastructure.

Within minutes, instead of days, FDI’s 24/7 net energy producing Resource Recovery Plant will:

  • Remove the water from the wastewater to meet or exceed EPA standards.
  • Recycle the clean water back into the environment.
  • Quantitatively isolate and remove the energy latent 0.2 μm to 30 μm organic solids.
  • Subject those organic solids to anaerobic digestion.
  • Attain the maximum production of methane gas for subsequent generation of heat and power.
  • Exceed EPA’s goal for Combined Heat and Power (CHP).
  • Produce a digestate, which will meet or exceed EPA 40 CFR, Part 503 Class A Standards.

The transformational CWFS/AD is volume adjustable, with a scalable indoor footprint of 50' x 50' per MGD.


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